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Healing The World One Therapy Dog At A Time

Welcome to our website and also to our love & passion in life dogs. My name is Melissa Wren and I am on a beautiful Journey mixed with special people & special dogs. I personally have always known the healing power dogs bring to our lives. I have owned a dog always since the age of 5.  I feel God has placed me where I am today so that I can help bring the wonderful blessing of owning a Therapy Dog into all the people in need of one. Our world is very difficult and challenging especially for those who have experienced trauma or have been born with challenges & I believe by a dog’s unconditional love and loyalty they can help heal & ease the pain. This Love I have for Dogs and people and their bond runs deep. I personally have had many experiences in my own life that have lead me to where I am now and my heart’s desire to heal the world one therapy dog at a time.  As a child I watched as my father suffered from PTSD and Depression after serving in the Vietnam War. He suffered and felt isolated and alone which ultimately led him to commit suicide. Statistics have proven over and over again what a difference a dog can make in the lives of war veterans and those who are suffering from mental illness. Please visit: Statistics & Facts | ANIMAL T.A.I.L. A Non-profit for Veterans Suffering PTSD at: https://www.animaltail.org/ I have been blessed with 5 children & 2 of which have special needs which started our search for a therapy dog for our family. Searching for a dog for your family and especially to help a special needs child can be very frustrating and overwhelming.  Some days I felt like I was just hitting one brick wall after the next and this struggle lead me to the decision of getting a puppy to train myself.  I knew I wanted a Golden Retriever but I had experienced Golden Retrievers in my life that battled cancer and I wanted a healthy golden retriever this time. I started extensive research & learned about the English Golden and how they were not prone to cancer as the American Golden retriever is.  I was sold & on a mission to get the very best English Golden retriever I could find. 6 years later,   we are now raising and training English Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds selected from exceptional bloodlines where there health and longevity have been proven and tested. We are learning and growing everyday striving to learn more and more so we can hopefully provide people with exceptional Therapy Dogs. We welcome you. Sincerely, The Wren Family
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